December 10, 2008

So how did it happen?

I've never taken enough notice of the European Union. I always thought it had more relevance for Ireland than for the UK so I noticed its huge capital projects over there and didn't think too much more about it. Now I'm forced to take notice. Its increasing sycophancy towards the zionist colonisation project gives me no choice. I just don't understand how the EU works. It has a presidency, maybe even a president. It has a council of ministers, it has a commission with commissioners who seem to be appointed by governments from ministerial level and it has Members of the European Union. The parliament has often been said to lack teeth. That is to say it doesn't have power as such. I don't know how true that it but with this upping of Israel's status by unanimous vote of the foreign ministers of EU countries against the wishes of MEPs that would indeed seem to be the case.

What I want to know is how the foreign ministers came to vote on this. I wrote to London's MEPs on the eve of their vote. It turned out that the vote on the upgrade was postponed specifically because of the humanitarian disaster that Israel has been inflicting on ghetto Gaza. Three MEPs have written back to me, one supporting the zionists, one against, and one, (would you believe?) for a two state solution, to be fair that last did condemn what the racist war criminals are doing in Gaza. None of them mentioned a foreign ministerial vote on this. So how and why did it happen? Was this a lobby job? Were they called together from outside? Had they been intending to vote when they did? Was there any announcement of a pending vote?

I'm still reeling from yet more first world sycophancy towards the last of the third world colonies but I would like to know how this has happened and what was the point of the MEPs voting in the first place?

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