January 25, 2009

BBC crisis over Gaza appeal

Who'd be the BBC, poor things? They probably thought they were doing what the Prime Minister would approve of but the outcry about Israel's war on the people in Gaza was too great and the government distanced itself from the Beeb, and why not?

Well now, according to this Guardian article,
The Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, has accused the broadcaster of "taking sides". He said yesterday: "This is not a row about impartiality but rather about humanity.

"This situation is akin to that of British military hospitals who treat prisoners of war as a result of their duty under the Geneva convention. They do so because they identify need rather than cause. This is not an appeal by Hamas asking for arms but by the Disasters Emergency Committee asking for relief. By declining their request, the BBC has already taken sides and forsaken impartiality," the archbishop added.

The establishment is split over Gaza.

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