January 13, 2009

Blair talks his way to £15 million - but not to Palestinians' elected representatives

Have a listen to this on the BBC. This is the text accompanying the sound file:
Is the job of Middle East envoy Tony Blair being circumscribed by the fact that he cannot talk to Hamas? Former senior British diplomat Sir Jeremy Greenstock, who has made direct contact with Hamas as part of his work with the charity Forward Thinking, discusses what can be gained from talking to the militant Islamic organisation.
But if you listen to Blair saying what Hamas has to do in order to stop Israel's campaign then you come to realise that Hamas's struggle is against the global power structure itself. The US and Israel have sent Blair to tell Egypt to tell Hamas to submit their unconditional surrender. Does Blair offer then an end to the blockade? control over water supplies? food? "Hamas, stop it" says Blair. Even Engage claims there are two sides in the conflict in spite of there only really being one.

Meanwhile, a Daily Mail report just recently claimed that Blair will have earned, not earned, made £15 million for talking in two years since departing from office.


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