January 12, 2009

Brighton against the war on Gaza

Great job by Brighton Palestine Solidarity Campaign in organising what is believed to be the biggest demonstration in Brighton since the massive outpourings against the war in Iraq in 2003.

Brighton & Hove Gaza Demonstration – One of the largest ever in the city

One thing is clear. Despite all the propaganda, the Israeli ‘hasbarah’ and the BBC’s repetition of the case for Israel 24 hours a day, people haven’t been taken in. Firecrackers which have killed a score of people in 8 years cannot be compared to modern F16 jets that bomb schools, clinics, ambulances and houses. Using phosphorous to burn people alive in order to provide a ‘smokescreen’ is unacceptable in modern civilised society. Ordinary people can see that Israel is a state run by barbarians and it would seem peopled, with few exceptions, by racist barbarians.
That's a comment on the impressive numbers of "newbies" who are coming to these demonstrations "despite all the propaganda". Hasbara is not working.

Tony Greenstein said that the weather was on the demonstrators' side but in a seaside town at this time of year this is by no means guaranteed which makes it all the more remarkable that a large local demonstration was organised at such short notice.


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