January 06, 2009

The Herrenvolk Army is pissed: Hamas no Judenrat

Haaretz stenographers express the frustration of the Herrenvolk Army.
Hamas has used snipers against Israeli troops and laid ambushes for them, but is not sending large forces into open areas where the IDF's numerical edge could prove decisive. (Haaretz )
Why can't Hamas understand that Nazis are people too? Why can't they show up for their appointed massacre on time, in an orderly fashion, like sheep to the slaughter? Why do they insist, as Haaretz explains,
to shoot from between houses, leaving local civilians to absorb the IDF's retaliatory strikes. Yesterday, two Palestinian families were killed by IDF fire.
How dare they use the same strategies the Jewish defenders of the Warsaw ghetto used?

On April 19, 1943, on the eve of Passover, the police and SS auxiliary forces entered the Ghetto planning to complete their Aktion within three days. However, they suffered losses as they were repeatedly ambushed by Jewish insurgents, who shot and launched Molotov cocktails and hand grenades at them from alleyways, sewers and windows. A French-made Lorraine 37L armoured fighting vehicle and an armoured car were set afire with ŻOB petrol bombs, and the German advance was halted. (wikipedia )

Don't they understand copying methods used by Jewish rebels against the Nazis is antisemitic?

But you see, as Haaretz puts it, "Hamas puts Gazans in danger by drawing IDF into urban warfare." So expect the next round of mass murder to be rationalized in this way by Israel's willing apologists in the media of the Aryan nations.


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