January 17, 2009

Is the New York Times married to Israel, literally?

There was a time when the Times had only gentile reporters in Israel out of concern that it would be accused, as a Jewish-owned newspaper, of putting its thumb on the scales of the truth. That day is long past. Both Times reporters in Israel/Palestine are married to Israelis. I believe both are Jewish too. Ethan Bronner is married to Naomi Kehati, a clinical psychologist, who is said to be a Mizrahi Jew from Yemen who grew up in Tel Aviv. Isabel Kershner is married to Hirsch Goodman. She used to work at the Jerusalem Report. Is the 'Times' also married to Israel? You have to wonder. As Roger Cohen wrote in the Times the other day, echoing one of my central themes in the age of Obama, Isn't it time we got more non-Jews into the mix on the Middle East? ( MondoWeiss )
Is this what they call "a marriage from hell"?

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