January 27, 2009

Israel's latest war on the defenceless removes taboo on nazi-zionist comparisons

Mazel tov Yisrael! The EU worked so hard on its stupid nonsensical working definition of "antisemitism" to make it illegal or at least exremely difficult to criticise Israel and with a few slaughtered children, the Israeli government and army has shattered the main taboo. How do you explain that gassing people is morally or politically worse than using white phosphorous against them?

But that's not the thrust of this Ha'aretz article. No, the article is still working for the working definition, oblivious to the fact that the working definition isn't, er, working.
The operation in Gaza put an end to the European taboo on equating Jews to Nazis. That message was one of the conclusions of the first international panel discussion on anti-Semitism following the Gaza invasion, which was held in Jerusalem Monday on the eve of International Holocaust Remembrance Day.
Equating Jews? Very rare one that. Surely they mean equating zionists with nazis. But read on:
Speaking at the panel, which was part of the World Zionist Congress conference, Professor Dina Porat said, "the comparison has now become self-understood." She added this applied not only to Muslims in Europe, but among "leftist circles."

Porat, an international authority on anti-Semitism and head of Tel Aviv University's research body on this phenomenon, added that Operation Cast Lead has "left no doubt" that Muslims in Europe had, "prepared in advance a public campaign against Jews and Israel, which they see as one and the same."

"[Muslims] were waiting for a signal or a pretext to launch this campaign and the Nazism comparison," she said.
Ah, so it was a specifically and openly zionist meeting. And it was addressed by someone who makes his living accusing people of antisemitism often under the auspices of the main group that has an interest in falsely making that allegation.
"Europeans are burdened by the Holocaust, and accusing the victims of being like the Nazis helps distribute some of the burden and guilt," Porat told the 500 people who came to the event, at the Inbal Hotel.
I see, so Europeans are burdened by an event that occurred over sixty years ago. They wish to unburden themselves so they assume that the people who recently bombarded Gaza killing over 1,300 people and destroying infrastructure to blight Gazan lives into the future were actually all holocaust survivors. This means that all of the bombers and commanders of the assault were over 64. It also means that all the Europeans raising the comparison are over 64. That's ridiculous.

I wish I was a zionist. You can say anything and get paid for it.

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