January 05, 2009

Light unto the nations

In every historical moment, one small place shines brighter than the rest and with its light helps others see both the road ahead and the obstacles that face us.

Yesterday the light came from Greece. A pro-Palestinian protester raises the burning flags of the US and Israel during a rally in Athens (Source: Reuters)

Greek demonstrators set fire to banks, threw rocks and fired flares at police in the capital Athens, one of several protests worldwide against Israel's offensive in the Gaza strip.

In Greece, protesters burnt flags and hurled shoes and rocks at the Israeli embassy during a march by about 3,000 people organised by local Palestinian groups, left-wing parties and anti-war groups.

After the rally, which was mostly peaceful, some protesters then proceeded to smash cars and set fire to banks near the embassy. Three bank branches were set fire to. (tvnz)
Setting banks on fire has a lot of what the World Bank economists call "positive externalities." Not only does it send a clear message to our ruling classes that continued support for the genocide in Gaza will come back to haunt them, but it also radiates pleasant heat during the winter frost and clears some of the dead wood that weighs down on the global economy.

Thank you Greece!


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