January 11, 2009

Petitions for Palestine

I have details of two more petitions to make it that much more difficult for Israel to slaughter Palestinians. Both of them are on the Prime Minister's website.

The first is to call on the British government to impose an arms embargo on Israel.
We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to do everything in his power to impose an arms embargo on Israel in light of the recent Israeli offensive in the Gaza strip and to apply pressure on countries supplying Israel with arms that breach international agreements with the intention of restoring lasting peace to the region. More details

Submitted by Yusuf Ibrahim – Deadline to sign up by: 27 January 2009 – Signatures: 14,582

The second is to call on the PM to stop Lloyd's Bank from closing the accounts of the Palestinian charity, Interpal.
We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to prevent Lloyds TSB from closing Interpals account. More details

Submitted by Jumina Qureshi – Deadline to sign up by: 26 February 2009 – Signatures: 2,972

If you click on "more details" you will see this:
Interpal is a leading charity that helps Palestinians in need. IBB (Islamic Bank of Britain) has a clearing account with Lloyds TSB and are being pressurised by them to close Interpals account. At a time when humanitarian needs in Gaza are so desperate, it is an inhumane decision that will affect many lives.
The Board of Deputies has been doing its bit to undermine Interpal's work and giving to Palestinian charities is America has become a criminal offence so they are worth supporting.


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