January 14, 2009

Reality TV, for a change, on Channel Four

"Throught July, August, September and October, there where only 15 attacks, and Israel agrees that none of these attacks were fired by Hamas."

Channel four tells the truth. Israel broke the cease-fire. Israeli Comical Regev admits the facts but claims "Israel acted defensively."

I.e., the official Israeli position now, under pressure, is that Israel indeed broke the cease-fire on November 4th, but preemptively. That is still a lie, because Israel started preparing for the war more than six months ago, and has presented no credible evidence other than its say-so that the alleged tunnel put it in imminent danger. Plus, even if Hamas was digging its tunnel to capture a soldier, that is a pathetic justification for a campaign of mass murder of civilians. And finally, Israel is the agressor and occupying force holding thousands of kidnapped Palestinians in its jails.

Nevertheless, most of the news and the majority of "analysis" is still presenting the absolute canard that Hamas broke the cease-fire with Qassam rockets.


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