January 21, 2009

State of Israel is a war crime

You remember Israel saying it never used phosphorous in Gaza? Yes? You remember me saying I've yet to hear from an honest zionist? Yes? Well Israel has now admitted that its troops "may" have used phosphorous shells in Gaza. And not only that the sub-title to this Guardian article is, "Amnesty warns Israel could be guilty of war crimes." See that? Could be guilty of war crimes? Israel spent a little over three weeks slaughtering people it had only been starving continuously and bombing and shooting occasionally. What is it with these human rights groups that they have to don kid gloves before they point a finger at the racist war criminals of the State of Israel?

Anyway, see this:
Israel has admitted – after mounting pressure – that its troops may have used white phosphorus shells in contravention of international law, during its three-week offensive in the Gaza Strip.

One of the places most seriously affected by the use of white phosphorus was the main UN compound in Gaza City, which was hit by three shells on 15 January. The same munition was used in a strike on the al-Quds hospital in Gaza City the same day.

Under review by Colonel Shai Alkalai is the use of white phosphorus by a reserve paratroop brigade in northern Israel.

According to army sources the brigade fired up to 20 phosphorus shells in a heavily built-up area around the Gaza township of Beit Lahiya, one of the worst hit areas of Gaza.

The internal inquiry – which the army says does not have the status of the full investigation demanded by human rights groups including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch – follows weeks of fighting in which Israel either denied outright that it was using phosphorus-based weapons, or insisted that what weapons it was using "were in line with international law".

Oh how sick. Amnesty and HWR want Israel to investigate itself fully and not partially. Israel's always been a degenerate state guided by a degenerate ideology but it has degenerated more since the Kahane Commission accused Ariel Sharon of not being very nice. A full inquiry would in all probability exonerate Israel fully instead of only partially.

Still those more catholic than the pope zionists in the west who deny everything Israel is accused of will look even sillier than usual now if they try to deny Israel's use of phosphorous against civilian targets.

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