January 03, 2009

The United Middle East is already here

Across the Middle East, evidence abound the Shimon Peres's dream of "peace" is already reality. Saudi, Israeli, Egyptian, and PA thugs work in concert to squash protests against the Israeli mass slaughter in Gaza.

And people complain Israel can't get no love?

Riot police fired teargas to push back hundreds of Jordanian protesters marching on the Israeli embassy in Amman after Friday Muslim prayers to protest at Israel's attacks in Gaza.

Worshippers chanting: "No Jewish embassy on Arab land" left the Kaloti mosque in the Rabia district of the Jordanian capital after noon prayers and headed to the nearby Israeli embassy.

Scores of riot police blocking roads to the embassy complex fired teargas at around 1,500 demonstrators, forcing them to retreat. Severalprotesters were beaten and arrested by police. (Reuters)

Colonized Palestine:
Arab-Israeli leaders are accusing police of holding them accountable for riots by Arab youths protesting the Gaza Strip operation. "They call us in for questioning, threaten us, and scare us," Umm al-Fahm Mayor Mustafa Souhil told Ynet Wednesday.

Riots have become a daily occurrence in the wake of the IDF operation in south, and police have already arrested scores of youths suspected of throwing stones and molotov cocktails, and igniting tires. (Ynet )
Police violently broke up several pro-Gaza demonstrations in Downtown Cairo today, right after the Friday prayer. Around 12 I arrived at Ramses Square which had turned into a virtual military zone, with hundreds of riot police and security agents occupying the square and cutting of some of the side streets. Around the square, Central security troops and large groups of men in civilian clothes surrounded people praying in the street outside small neighbourhoods mosques. When the prayer and sermon finished and the men started chanting "there is no God but God" plainclothes agents immediatly began draging some of them away to the Central Security transport trucks, while riot police violently pushed the remaining demonstrators back into a small side alley, beating them with sticks. Many bystanders were caugh up in the clashes that followed when large groups of riot police and plainclothes charged protestors that attempted to assemble in the surrounding streets Violent crackdown on Gaza protestors in Cairo
Pro-Gaza Protest مظاهرة تضامن مع غزة from El-Badeel البديل on Vimeo.

Al-Masry Al-Youm journalist and dear friend Ali Zalat was brutally assaulted yesterday by State Security thugs while trying to cover the pro-Gaza demos in downtown Cairo. The police left him unconscious in the street and even tried to detain those who were trying to take him to the hospital… Finally, some of the protestors and colleagues managed to fight the police and carry Ali to the Red Crescent Hospital… ( The Arabist )
Saudi Arabia:
Two activists who attempted to stage a demonstration against the Israeli raids on the Gaza Strip were arrested in the Saudi capital on Thursday, a Saudi rights groups said.

Human Rights First Society said that the two activists, Khalid al-Omeir and Mohammed al-Otaibi, were arrested by police as they arrived at the site of the planned protest in south Riyadh. (AFP yahoo news )

Occupied Palestine:

A moving scene enfolded when the prayer leader outside the Al-Aqsa Mosque struggled to read the prayer as he wastrying to cope with tears over the horror enfolding in the Gaza Strip. Meanwhile, in all the closed-off West Bank towns and villages protest demonstrations were held in solidarity with the Gaza Strip and against the failure of the Arab League. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas hastily issued an order forbidding pro-Hamas slogans from being
chanted and Hamas banners from being shown in public in the West Bank. US-trained Palestinian Authority security forces in plain clothes were dispatched to mingle with protest demonstrators. Five Hamas supporters were arrested by the PA police. (Arabmonitor)


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