February 22, 2009

DAM again

This is for anyone irked by a too small clip of DAM's Born Here in the previous post on Israeli Apartheid Week 2009. Here's the whole thing:
They have an album out just lately. Details here.

I'd only heard Fight the Power by Public Enemy in Spike Lee's Do the right thing. But I stumbled on the video last night. It's not a million miles in style and substance from DAM's Born Here.
See the beginning, the March on Washington 1963? That would be a major difference between Fight the Power and Born Here. The March on Washington was when there was a Civil Rights Bill before Congress and the march was supposedly to persuade Congress to pass it. But the establishment commandeered the march and watered down its demands, which is why the Public Enemy chap denounces it as "nonsense". The big difference between the two videos then would be that America has abolished the formality of its segregation but it hasn't abolished racism. Israel on the other hand, has yet to abolish its formal segregationist system.


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