February 03, 2009

It's a war crimes Rapp! Allegedly

Well this was predicted on JSF among other places. It appears that Israel can get away with committing the war crimes that its existence is predicated on but every so often their high-ups will suffer the humiliation of having to flee the jurisdiction of their own allies. Here's the Jerusalem Post:
An Israeli colonel involved in Operation Cast Lead returned to Israel in haste on Friday, fearing arrest on charges of war crimes during a visit to the UK.

Col. (res.) Geva Rapp had arrived in London three days before for appearances in which he was to explain Israel's position and refute media representations of the hostilities.

His trip had been cleared by Israeli security services.

On Thursday night, after news of his visit reached pro-Palestinian groups, some 80 protesters demonstrated outside the offices of the Union of Jewish Students (UJS) in central London, where Rapp was scheduled to speak.

Calling for police to arrest him, the protesters blocked public pathways, while one scaled the building's walls. Police made several arrests.

The event was cancelled and the decision was made for Rapp to return to Israel out of fear of a universal jurisdiction arrest warrant for alleged war crimes.

A loophole in British law allows private criminal complaints of war crimes to be lodged against military personnel, even if they are not British citizens and the alleged crimes were committed elsewhere. Pro-Palestinian groups in Britain and other countries have been trying to exploit the loophole against IDF officers and Israeli leaders.

Israel is working with the British government to change the law.
I love that "loophole" bit. Who else but a zionist hack would describe the prospect of bringing justice within the grasp of ordinary people, in this instance victims of war crimes, a "loophole"? Unbelievable.

So much for the Jerusalem Post. Undercover reporter with the Dagenham Dredge, Mark Elf, snuck in on the Rapp household and eavesdropped the colonel's unexpected homecoming:
Hi honey, you're home early.

Yes, I was involved in the killing of lots of civilians recently including rather a lot of children.

But you told me they were Arabs and al Jazeera confirmed it on film.

I know, but the Brits have this loophole in the law whereby even Arabs can be considered human and their young can count as children. It's all very technical but I thought I'd better not risk staying.
Loophole, schmoophole!


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