February 18, 2009

More on antisemitism or antisemitism for morons

It's a bumper day for hasbara by smear. David Toube, special adviser on antisemitism to Comment is free editor, Matt Seaton, has an article on Comment is free calling on his fellow rightists to "reclaim antiracism " from the far left. One of his co-bloggers at the zionist cesspit known as Harry's Place has written a post there directing their readers to the Cif piece and supposedly helpfully closing the comments so that the HP faithful can hurry on over to spew their bile in support of Toube on the Cif page. Very clever. Except Toube is getting wiped out by people who are actually wise to the fact that hasbara parrots use "antisemitism" as a smear to silence the critics of Israel.

Toube obviously has more success silencing critics of Israel by writing to Matt Seaton than writing for him.


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