March 16, 2009

The buzzflash flashes its ignorance

No matter how much (or how often) you love yourself, if you're Jewish and opposed to Zionism you get to be called a self-hating Jew. Of course, just to refresh our memory, the appellation has pedigree. It began as an antisemitic stereotype of Ostjuden cum socialists, and then was taken up by the Nazis to define certain decent nordic types as "self hating Germans." Naturally, a term that has both antisemitic and Nazi pedigree fits modern Zionist sensibilities perfectly.

I sent a polite email to Mark Karlin, editor of the site Buzzflash, which bills itself as a "progressive" portal of sorts, complaining about Karlin's calling Max Ajl from Jewbonics "antisemite". Follow the link to see Karlin's idiocy and bigotry.

Karlin explained to me in reply that any Jew who attacks Elie Wiesel is a "self-hating Jew."

In days of yore, before Hitchens drunk himself into imperial nuttery, he criticized Wiesel for public lies and hypocrisy in the Nation Magazine. And the Nation Magazine amazingly printed it. But any Jew who agreed with Hitchens would be "self-hating" according to Karlin. Wiesel is a self-absorbed baffoon. He gets tens of thousands of dollars to speak about the Holocaust. The only people who can pay these sums are people who commit holocausts, and what they hear from him is mostly support for Israel and justifications for imperialist "interventions." Even gentler people than I have criticized his hypocrisy.

Besides being insulting, distempered, bigoted and ignorant, Karlin is another example (like Marc Green, the Nation Magazine, Mother Jones, and hundreds of other "progressive" organs) of the damage Zionism does to U.S. "progressive" politics.


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