March 24, 2009

Israel and the last of the red hot lovers

The Independent's been running some sick letters and editorials lately and that's not counting Howard Jacobson's increasingly insufferable output. But they have run some useful articles and Israel's critics get another look-in in today's letters including a funny swipe at the Zionist Federation's Jonathan Hoffman who claimed that the Indie's editorial standards had slipped because they picked up on Ha'aretz's report on Israel's war crimes in Gaza. Here's the letter from Chris O'Donoghue:
Following Israel's self-appointment as the world's most moral army, may I appoint myself as the world's greatest lover. When after five minutes this claim is questioned and then ridiculed, I will aggressively question your editorial standards and bias.
There's a letter too from my friend Diana Neslen pointing to US, UK and EU collusion with Israel's war criminals, otherwise known as the State of Israel:
The news of the behaviour of the Israeli army comes as a surprise only to those who wilfully chose to deny reality (20 March). However in spite of the fact that Israel deliberately planned the Gaza onslaught and carried it out mercilessly, our Government and the EU have chosen to use our taxes to rebuild what Israel has destroyed, are busily patrolling the seas around Gaza to prevent arms smuggling, while continuing to arm Israel, are allowing Israel to set the agenda for Gaza's reconstruction and continuing to allow Israel preferential entry into the European markets, in spite of her abrogation of human rights.

Surely the world has learnt that appeasing an aggressor only results in fuelling the appetite for greater barbarity. In the absence of any sanction, and indeed in the presence of what can only be called reward for felony, one can but conclude that the governments of this country, the European Union and the US are indeed complicit in Israel's actions.
But it's not all doom and gloom. The next post will be on the Ha'aretz report that the UK will not now be changing its law to allow Israeli war criminals safe passage to and through the UK.

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