March 05, 2009

Israel, look in the Mirror!

More evidence that Israel's recent assault on Gaza may have had more costs than benefits is that the UK traditional Labourite, that is Labour-right tabloid the Daily Mirror, has this little gem of an article by columnist Brian Reade, headed, Douglas Alexander's Gaza aid pledge typifies Britain's cowardly subservience to US pro-Israel lobby:
I want to thank International Development minister Douglas Alexander for visiting the Gaza Strip, and pledging aid. Because it typifies our cowardly subservience to the all-powerful pro-Israel lobby in America.

We looked away as Israel bombed the crap out of Gaza. When the 1,314 dead Palestinians temporarily sated Tel Aviv's bloodlust, we sent a third-rate politician to pledge millions to replace all the buildings flattened by Israel's military machine.

Thus putting up more targets for them to destroy the next time they feel the need to convince their people they are hard-liners who won't be threatened by Arab infidels. At which point we'll look away again. How proud our foreign policy makes me.
I haven't seen the print edition but I am guessing it appeared there so I reckon this was read by more people today than if something similar had appeared in the Guardian or the Independent or even the Guardian and the Independent.


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