March 31, 2009

Israel's war crimes, case closed

Israel opened an inquiry just the other day into alleged war crimes in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead and they closed it yesterday. Here's the Independent:
The Israeli military closed an investigation into two cases of alleged killings of Gaza civilians yesterday, saying there was insufficient evidence and the accounts were based on hearsay.

Israeli soldiers had described the alleged incidents in a closed-door meeting, and their accounts were published by Israeli media earlier this month, prompting a furore in Israel and around the world. One case involved the alleged killing of an elderly woman by a rooftop sniper, and the second described a sniper fatally shooting a mother and two children. However, the Israeli chief army prosecutor, Brig Gen Avichai Mendelblit, said yesterday he would not file charges. He said the soldier who described the killing of the woman and two children told the investigation that he did not witness it. He said other investigations into army conduct during Israel's three-week offensive in Gaza would continue.

until they too are closed for lack of evidence.


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