March 16, 2009

Last word on Chas Freeman

O.K., he's a professional former diplomat with a rather rare capacity for being undiplomatic, i.e., blunt, occasionally. He was done in by the Israel Uber Alles Washington cabalists, the usual suspects; he was accused of lack of integrity by hacks, knaves and thieves.

Fine. How we did we get from that to the new conventional wisdom: "he's an iconoclastic thinker"? What, did he do to earn that title? In what sense is he a "thinker" at all, let alone an iconoclastic one? Just asking.

The world in typecasts: McCain is a "maverick". Obama is a "community organizer." Chas Fremann is an "iconoclastic thinker." I'm a submarine. Please, from now on, I demand to be addressed as Your Profundity. Broadcast to you from 20,000 feet below sea level.

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