March 16, 2009

Prozac Theater

The godly New York Times reports about Caryl Churchill’s play, “Seven Jewish Children: A Play for Gaza,” which is landing in New York.

Leaders of the New York Theater Workshop and Theater J, which is presenting the readings with the Forum Theater in Washington, said in interviews that they were staging a few nights of readings because the provocative content merited examination, but that their schedules did not permit weeks-long productions.

“There will be emotion from the audience — you can’t separate emotion from the issue — but my hope is that we’ll do these productions in a way that fosters understanding as well,” said William Russo, managing director of the New York Theater Workshop. “We’re having experts from all sides of the spectrum attend, to help the discussion be informed and not a free-for-all.”
Read it twice. The play doesn't merit week longs production, only a few readings, because of the provocative content! What kind of content do the "leaders" of New York Theater Workshop do like to produce normally? Accounting for Dummies, dramatized for the theater?

There will be emotions! In a theater! The audience is going to feel something!
All hands to battle stations!

But thankfully, experts are going to be there to numb people back to their normal apathy. In case of emergency, Prozac pills will drop from a container above your head. Administer to your child before taking one yourself!


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