March 26, 2009

Save the children....from Israel

I just had a call from the Save the Children fund seeking donations for Gaza. The reason they called me was because I had responded to a call to text CEASEFIRE to 81819 and they would then take that as a kind of petition signature to honorary Jewish National Fund patron, Gordon Brown, and try to get him to use his best endeavours to stop the assault on Gaza. Gordon Brown, for those that don't know, when he's not honorarily patronising the Jewish National Fund, doubles as the UK's Prime Minister. Well anyway, Save the Children, which did some wonderful work in Lebanon back in 2006, is seeking £3 a month to contribute to relief in Gaza and presumably to cover the cost of their calls. They got 182,000 texts by the way, from people that read their appeal in either a newspaper or saw it on line. I can't remember where I saw it.

What else did he say? They have just been allowed back into Gaza which makes you wonder why they were kept out in the first place. Health and safety probably....not!

Anyway, I gave the link above but here it is again because there is a lot to see on their site including links to their Gaza staff's blogs.


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