March 08, 2009

Welcome to Najd!

I just got notified of a new Facebook group being established to whinge about the sufferings of the people of Sderot and it occurred to me that there's not much info to be had about the Palestinian village that was ethnically cleansed to make way for the Jewish town of Sderot.

So here's Palestine Remembered on Najd, the Palestinian village razed so that zionists could make the desert green again.

See it? Not much really. It was occupied by the zionist forces on May 13, 1948. That was a day before official histories of Israel begin. According to history books that school students in the UK, I think up to age 18 and 19, are given, nothing happened in Palestine on that day. Nothing happened until the next day or the day after. It had a population of over 700 before they were ethnically cleansed.

So, spare a little thought for Najd and its people and one thousand times that many people that were ethnically cleansed round about the same time.


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