April 14, 2009

Israel is the barrier to peace

There's a letter in yesterday's Independent by Arab Media Watch's, Sharif Nashishibi expressing puzzlement at Adrian Hamilton's suggestion that it is for the Arab states to agree a peace plan including recognition of Israel:
I am puzzled by Adrian Hamilton lamenting that "if only the Arab world could unite ... on its plan to proffer total Arab recognition of Israel in return for Jerusalem's agreement to return to the pre-1967 borders ... then there might be some hope of peace in the Middle East" (Comment, 9 April). The Arab world has reiterated its support for the plan time and again since it was launched seven years ago. The only thing likely to erode this common stance is Israel's continued refusal to adopt the plan.

Sharif Hikmat Nashashibi

Chairman, Arab Media Watch, London SW7

Well done for pointing that out Sharif but how do they make this mistakes in the first place?


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