April 02, 2009

Tom Hurndall: a good man and true

I scan the media like no other it says, inexplicably and anonymously, on google. So how did I miss Robert Fisk on Tom Hurndall? I don't know but I only know of it now because I saw it on an email from Information Clearing House in my spam box. I thought maybe everyone missed it so I googled the first bit to see, look, I don't know if I met Tom Hurndall. Only 1,580 sites. My reputation's safe then. Here's Fisk on Tom Hurndall in the Independent from March 28, 2009:
Hurndall was trying to save Palestinian homes and infrastructure but frequently came under Israeli fire and seemed to have lost his fear of death. "While approaching the area, they (the Israelis) continually fired one- to two-second bursts from what I could see was a Bradley fighting vehicle... It was strange that as we approached and the guns were firing, it sent shivers down my spine, but nothing more than that. We walked down the middle of the street, wearing bright orange, and one of us shouted through a loudspeaker, 'We are International volunteers. Don't shoot!' That was followed by another volley of fire, though I can't be sure where from..."

Tom Hurndall had stayed in Rafah. He was only 21 where – in his mother's words – he lost his life through a single, selfless, human act. "Tom was shot in the head as he carried a single Palestinian child out of the range of an Israeli army sniper." Mrs Hurndall asked me to write a preface to Tom's book and this article is his preface, for a brave man who stood alone and showed more courage than most if us dreamed of. Forget tree huggers. Hurndall was one good man and true.
That's how it ends but please read the rest at either the indie or the ICH sites.


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