May 17, 2009

Firefighting Israel's ethnic cleansing

Here's the Morning Star on the UK's main firefighters' union supporting BDS:
AS the Fire Brigades Union conference ended on Friday, delegates gave overwhelming support for a boycott of Israeli goods and backed calls for sanctions in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Moving the Palestine composite motion, Devon and Somerset delegate Dave Chappell began by praising the history of solidarity shown by firefighters to Palestinians and the people of South Africa during apartheid "before it was sexy to do so.

"What the Palestinians are being subjected to is nothing short of ethnic cleansing by the state of Israel."
Thanks to the person who sent me the link I now know that the Morning Star has a website with more then just a homepage.

And here are the articles linked on the page of the above article:

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HERE we go again. For the second time in a year, we've been forced to evacuate the Star's offices and set up our journalists anywhere we can find the space.


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The union which is consistently fought bosses' dirty tactics in the building industry.

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