May 20, 2009

Hey Bibi, wassup?

I got that "wassup?" from Obama at the Correspondents' Association dinner thingy. I don't know where Obama got it from. Anyway, here's Mustapha Barghouti on the Institute for Middle East Understanding website on the issues between Obama and Netanyahu. It's a plea to hurry before the two state solution becomes impossible. I've found it impossible for some time now but let's give the lad a chance:
I cannot recall a more important meeting between an American president and an Israeli prime minister than today's meeting between President Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Will the Obama administration have the courage to challenge Netanyahu, or will all the talk of change dissolve in the face of a concerted one-two punch from Netanyahu and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee?

I am increasingly convinced that if Obama fails to speak out now, it will doom the two-state solution forever. Further fiddling in Washington - after eight years of it - will consign Jerusalem, the West Bank and the two-state solution to an Israeli expansionism that will overwhelm the ability of cartographers to concoct a viable Palestinian state.

It's now or almost certainly never.
My guess is, it won't be now. My further guess is that there will never be two entities that accurately could be described as states between the River Jordan and the Med.


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