May 09, 2009

JC poll on AZ and AS

There's a ludicrous poll on the home page of the Jewish Chronicle website. Here's the question:

Are the anti-Zionists really antisemites?

The choices are yes or no. There is no "it all depends", no "maybe" and no "don't know". There is no explanation of what zionism is or what the Jewish Chronicle means by zionism. And yet according to the question there is only one form of anti-zionism, hence "the anti-Zionists".

Well the result so far is, to me anyway, quite surprising.

54% (108 votes)
46% (91 votes)
Total votes: 199

Ok, the anti-zionists are antisemitic according to 54% of 199 people, assuming none voted twice which wouldn't be that easy for most people.

Something you might want to consider is the fact that a lot of Jews won't go on line between sundown Friday and sundown Saturday, it's a sabbath thing. So maybe the poll will change a lot between today and tomorrow.


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