May 02, 2009

Note to Engage: Richard Kuper and the Jewish Telegraphic Agency are not by any chance related

Oo-er! It's not like an Engagenik to go off half cocked with allegations of worldwide Jewish conspiracy theories but before it gets disappeared, I'd better point this, ahem, isolated incident out. Engage has the take of a UJS activist on Durban II. Read it if you must, you might learn something about Darfur. But down in the comments a very shrill commenter with the screen name, JJFP watch has this to say:
JJfp are pushing the “Jewish conspiracy theory” as well,

Apparently, the Jews lobbied on Durban II (considering the racism of Durban I quite rightly). No doubt they did.

But for Kuper more was at play. The “Jewish Lobby” is, however, endowed with a super power that they succeeded in forcing some of the most powerful countries (including Germany) in the world to follow their will.

God forbid that the thought ever occurred to the libel-pushing Kuper that, many, just maybe, Germany and the 17 other countries oppose antisemitism; that the sights and stink of Durban I was unacceptable even to western capitalist states that, they too, oppose antisemitism. Not at all. Just because those governments are not as prone to antisemitic thinking as Kuper, he can only believe that their hand was forced by a malevolent and absolute power.

So, for JJfp Ahmadinejad was speaking truth to power.

This is what Richard Kuper who speaks “as a Jew” believes.

This is what Kuper and jjfp think is “legitimate criticism of Israel”.

This is what Richard Kuper and jjfp feels is right to use classic antisemitic propaganda tp push his agenda

Richard Kuper and jjfp think antisemitism is a legitimate tool with which to beat Israel and those who dare raise the question of antisemitism.

Richard Kuper is pushing the same line as the BNP.

Richard Kuper cannot believe that civilised countries oppose antisemitism as a principle.

And because he cannot believe that those countries oppose antisemitism he, like so many disreputable characters before him, can only fall back on anti-Jewish libels for an explanation.

What next, Richard, a discussion that Zionism created swine flu? If not, why not? SInce you believe Jews have the power to determine the outcome of international bodies and domestic governments, a little bit of N1HI would be a piece of pie.

Is this what Jewish “progressives” have been reduced to; pushing the canards of 150 years of antisemitic thinking.

That was at 12:07 today. It might have taken a little while to write that little lot but at 12:21 the JFJFP watcher firmed up thus:
To make it clear. Kuper is agreeing with those in the article who call (legitimate) lobbying when done by Jews “blatantly dishonest”; and who call lobbyists against antisemitism and demonisation of Israel as “Zionist agitators” and that “The Zionists here are making people hate Jews”.
Well thanks for that clarity. We like a bit of clarity at Engage. Or maybe it's just Claret we like. Oops, half an hour later, at 12:51, our JFJFP watcher is really champing or chomping or doing something or other at the bit:
How about this Richard……………..fits in nicely from the artilce you cite,
“A staffer from a major nongovernmental organization said there was just one reason why a European country like Germany would help draft the conference’s resolution on the Friday before the conference, only to decide to boycott it that very weekend.

“The Jewish lobby,” said the staffer, who refused to be identified by name or organization.

“What I’m afraid of is if you put that in my mouth, it will sound like a conspiracy theory, and then readers will say we’re anti-Semitic,” said the staffer.”

(note the Livingstone Formulation)

Today NATO expelled four Russian “spies” putting the US in a difficult position.

It is clear what has happened. The US is no longer towing the Zionist line. So, instead, they turned their influence to NATO and made NATO to do something to make Obama feel awkward and get them to to do the Zionists bidding.

I mean what other possible explanation can there be? There can be ” one reason”only ?

As I noted, you seem to think they have the power to influence/determine government policy so, why not NATO?

How do you separate this from what the NGO staffer and others talked about the power of the Jewish lobby and Durban II? After all, this is just as “credible”, is it not?

And here is some support for the argument………..

“But the political scene is dismal, despite the overwhelming unpopularity of US-NATO/Israeli wars, as governments continue to bow to Zionist pressures — both internal and external.” From Al Ahram (Egypt)

“The lives, properties and rights of the people of Georgia and Ossetia and Abkhazia are victims of the tendencies and provocations of NATO and certain western powers, and the underhanded actions of the Zionists.” Ahmanijahad (in Geneva - so the Jewish conspiracy was real successful eh Richard?)

“the Zionist-controlled NATO”

So, Richard, we are waiting……….
So Richard, will you tell them or shall I?

The article that was copied and pasted on to the Jews for Justice for Palestinians site was a copy and paste from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. Atzmon might think that Richard Kuper and the JTA are closely related and it seems so does someone who "watches" Jews for Justice for Palestinians and tells Engage readers of his or her (my guess is his) findings.

But most of us know that Richard Kuper is a principled campaigner for Palestinian rights whereas the Jewish Telegraphic Agency is the official zionist news agency. Mind you, I always thought that Engage denied any links between zionism and antisemitism. They caught the JTA bang to rights there though. Well done Engage!


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