May 31, 2009

World Medical Association headed by overt racist

Wonderful report in the Jewish Chronicle. It's "about" the protest signed by 752 physicians from 40 different countries calling for the dismissal of Dr Yoram Blachar, former head of the Israeli Medical Association:
The Israeli president of the World Medical Association has attacked critics who have called for his dismissal over allegations that Israeli doctors have been involved in or condoned the torture of Palestinians.

An open letter, said to have been signed by 725 physicians from more than 40 countries and sent to Dr Edward Hill, chair of the WMA council, has attacked Dr Yoram Blachar’s appointment saying it will “seriously damage the public reputation of the WMA and its work and risks making it a laughing stock”. A press release accompanied the letter signed by Dr Derek Summerfield, Dr Blachar’s main critic.

The letter claims: “Under Dr Blachar’s leadership the Israel Medical Association (IMA) made a decision, on political grounds, years ago to turn a blind eye to torture in Israel and the institutionalised involvement of doctors. This stance continues with Dr Blachar as WMA President. On an issue that goes to the heart of the moral authority of the profession, Dr Blachar has offered shameful ethical leadership to doctors in Israel and worldwide.

“We call upon the WMA Council to oblige Dr Blachar to step down as a matter of priority.”

Ok, so far, so fair. But see this:

But Dr Blachar insisted:

“I have no intention of standing down. It’s a joke.

“My view [of the letter] is that if we go through the names only partially, you will see that many of them are Arab physicians
Most of them are Arab physicians? And your point, Dr? But there's more:
You must notice that all the inquiries and investigations have come from information that has come only from Palestinians.
Ok, so Arabs and Palestinians can't be believed. Anything else?
I did attempt to meet Dr Summerfield some years ago but he refused to meet me.
Dr Summerfield denies refusing to meet Dr Blachar.

So, any more for any more? Just one thing.
On the question of a general boycott of the Israeli medical profession, Dr Blachar, who has held senior posts with IMA since 1995, said: “Some of the signatories are ex-Israelis, which smacks of self-destruction and is inexplicable to me. The boycott initiative is rooted only in Britain.”
Even a real doctor dabbling in the notion of self-hatred and not only that, having sought to invalidate his detractors by reference to their Arab or Palestinian ethnicity, he now tries the same trick, not as racist as the first, true, by saying that the boycott movement is rooted in the UK only.

They'll say anything these zios.


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