June 26, 2009

Hamas responds to Obama

Khalid Meshal responds to Obama. Hamas

would cooperate with any international effort that would end the Israeli occupation, but would not accept the notion of a demilitarized Palestinian state.

Mashal added that the Palestinian people do not accept Israel’s condition on a demilitarized state, and its stances rejecting the right of return of the Palestinian refugees.

He also said that the Palestinians will not accept any future recognition of Israel as a Jewish state.

The Hamas leader added that the Palestinian will never accept that Jerusalem remains under Israeli occupation, and will remain steadfast of the internationally guaranteed right of return to the Palestinian refugees.

Furthermore, Mashal described the demand of US president, Barack Obama, that Israel should halt the construction of settlements as a positive issue, but also said that this call is not sufficient.

Addressing Obama, Mashal said that the Palestinian suffered from every form of oppression, injustice and suffering, and that Hamas expects the Obama administration to change its stance towards Hamas.

Mashal added that Israel cannot defeat the Palestinian people, and that ‘it failed in its Nazi war on Gaza, exactly as it failed in Lebanon’, Israeli Ynet News reported. (IMEMC)

This is not exactly earth shattering although it is interesting to note the (perfectly sensible) response to the latest developments. We learn again, (and again and again), that Hamas is ready to negotiate and perhaps, sadly, even accept a rotten two state solutions supported by the "international community." To be clear, that will not stop Western politicians and pundits from maintaining that Hamas is the obstacle to peace in the Middle East. Tony Blair says it, "Hamas must stop smuggling through the tunnels." In other words, the problem is that Palestinians haven't surrendered and accepted the complete control of both their economy and politics by Israel and its Western allies before the start of the negotiations.

In that sense of the word "peace," Hamas is certainly an obstacle.


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