June 18, 2009

Hey ma, look what I did to an Arab & loaded onto You Tube

From Ha'aretz:

Border Policemen have filmed themselves abusing and humiliating Palestinians in videos they have posted on YouTube over the past year.

In one clip uploaded to the video sharing website an Arab youth is shown in arid terrain, slapping himself, while a voice is heard instructing him to say "I love you, Border Police," and "I will f**k you, Palestine," in Arabic. The victim is forced to respond to everything he is ordered to do, to the raucous laughter of the cameraman and his friends, all Border Policemen.

And they wonder why Ronaldo won't play Tel Aviv?

UPDATE: You Tube removed the video, but not before someone downloaded it. It's now reposted on Blip.tv.

Also: Ha'aretz Friday Magazine has published a longer article.


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