August 20, 2009

Inventing the Jews...again?

I don't know why this book's publication keeps re-appearing, in front of me anyway. I'm sure I read about it some time ago. We did a post on it back in March 2008 so why has someone emailed a link to the website now? Ach, never mind, it's upset the zios (though why a movement whose apologists are so keen to deny that they are racists are so upset at the idea that the Jews of today might not be the direct descendants of people that inhabited Palestine in biblical times is beyond me) so it might be worth a post. Actually, I think it is the fact that the book may have recently been published for the first time in English that is news, or at least it was news last month.

Anyway, it's the book by Shlomo Sand called The Invention of the Jewish People and it or he contends that the story of the expulsion of the Jews from Palestine by the Romans 2,000 years ago is just that, a story. He contends that it didn't happen and that the story of it happening is played up to justify zionist claims to a state in Palestine for the world's Jews. As it happens, not having read the book I don't know if it contains anything that is new. As I said in the post on this over a year ago, the Magnes Zionist posted about how the Roman exile didn't actually happen. Maybe if that didn't happen perhaps Sand is saying what then actually did happen. But that too has been said before.

Hmm, this is getting distressing for me. I might have to buy the book.


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