November 25, 2009

Israel arrests its own spy

There have been a few episodes of Israel bombing Jewish and allied targets but this is the first I have heard of one of its own spies being arrested whilst working for, rather than against, the Mossad. This is all over the internet now but check out the Reuters article headed Frayed cloak, rusty dagger:
According to witnesses, a black-clad man in his 20’s attached a magnetic replica bomb to the door of a car parked in Tel Aviv’s tony port district, and tried to slip away. He was spotted by two diners at a nearby restaurant who, thinking him a terrorist or mob contract-killer, alerted police.

Confronted by the cops, the suspect revealed that he was on a Mossad drill. The story surfaced on Tuesday evening, after government censors dropped a gag order.

Was it a training exercise for a novice spy? Probably not. The Mossad is known to dispatch its cadets onto the streets of Israel, and beyond, to learn basic surveillance and infiltration skills. But assassination missions are reserved for select squads of veteran operatives.

(Besides, if the first rule for espionage trainees is “don’t get caught”, the second is: “If caught, don’t admit you’re a spy.”)

Interested parties are now considering which location most resembles the area of Tel Aviv where the wannabe/usedtobe spy (he's been suspended) was caught to second guess where it is that Israel is actually going to bomb.


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