November 08, 2009

Students "bully" Israel's plucky ambassador to the UK

Since I've been working, quick JSF has made my blogging a lot easier. See this Ynet report on how students in the UK wanted to place Israel's ambassador to the UK, Ron Prossor, under citizen's arrest. It's headed Students bully Britain envoy:
Protestors at the University of Nottingham prepared a rude welcome for Israel's Ambassador to England, Ron Prosor, welcoming him with anti-Israel signs and interrupting his speech.

Hours before the visit, British police learned that students at the university intend to place the Israeli envoy under citizen's arrest. Prosor's lecture on Israel's peace efforts was delayed, as a heavy police guard escorted him into the lecture site through a back door.

The lecture itself was accompanied by the shouting of charges and accusations against the State of Israel. During the event, students cut off Prosor on several occasions and some caused other disturbances.

Despite the interruptions, the Israeli ambassador completed his lecture, before leaving the site in a secured vehicle accompanied by local security forces. Fearing for his safety, local police resorted to a deceptive ploy, leading Prosor through one entrance while protestors waited at a different exit.

The envoy later said that the events at University of Nottingham are "yet another manifestation of the ugly smear campaign being managed against Israel on campuses across Britain."

"It's regrettable to see important academic institutions becoming hostages in the hands of radicals, who seek to silence any civilized discussion," he said. "We will fight with all means available to us against academic boycotts, economic boycotts, and diplomatic-legal boycotts."

Meanwhile, Minister Daniel Hershkowitz faced a similar experience while visiting Erasmus University in Holland. Protestors who attempted to disrupt the minister's address were removed from the site.
The news just gets better and better.


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