November 06, 2009

Zios' pincer movement to silence critics

You'll know that that the zios are trying to silence criticism of the State of Israel by using a bogus definition of antisemitism and incorporating it into the criminal law? They've decided to try it on stage by stage. First they want to make it illegal to liken Judeo-nazis to their aryan counterparts then they'll move on to trying to make apartheid analogies illegal then the idea that zionism is racism and then they'll want to make it illegal to criticise Israel for things you don't criticise another 190 or so other states for in spite of Israel being uniquely established specifically for people that don't come from there and not for people that do.

Well all this may never come to pass or it will take a long time so some zio in Palestine has come up with a typically dishonest idea. Sue. That's right. Sue newspapers that criticise Israel.

See Ynet:
Newspapers don’t like lawsuits, I said. It takes time, it costs money, the paper’s insurance company raises their premium, stockholders are wondering why they got into this mess to begin with, and the editor in chief is infuriated after he discovers that he needs to waste two days on testifying in respect to an article that he didn’t even read.

The press won’t come out against us? Prosor asked.

There is no such thing as “the press,” I said. This is the most competitive profession in the world, and everyone is just waiting to see the others fall. Do you really think that The Independent cares whether we sue The Guardian? They’ll be happy about it.

And who will represent us? Asked someone else.

Him, I gestured at the lawyer sitting with us, and a hundred others like him. If the Jewish people has one reservoir that will never run out, it’s lawyers. Every Western capital boasts at least five successful Jewish law firms, and most of them will be glad to represent the State of Israel against the new anti-Semitism.

We’ll be attacked over this, said Prosor. So? I responded. Aren’t they attacking us already at this time?

The lawyer in the group suddenly looked up. It will work, he said. I’m willing to take London upon myself.
So while the zios have to wait to have their bogus definition made into criminal law to silence criticism of Israel, His Excellency, the Israeli Ambassador to the UK is in on a plan to silence UK newspaper criticism of Israel, not by argument but by costly litigation. What a charming man his excellency is. He should be declared persona non grata for undermining what we are always told is a pillar of democracy, the "free" press.


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