December 11, 2009

Look who picketed Carols for Gaza event

No surprise that the Zionist Federation mounted one of its ghoulish pickets in an attempt to intimidate supporters of the Palestinian cause but what was the Council of Christians and Jews doing on the picket?

Here's West End Extra:
THE rector of a West End church was warned he would “go to hell” in a series of hate emails sent in the build-up to a controversial carol singing concert.
The Reverend Simon Grigg said he had endured a “nasty week” but was pleased so many people had “braved the lobby” of Israeli demonstrators outside St Paul’s the Actors’ Church.
Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods (J-BIG) – an organisation of Jews opposing Israeli policy towards Palestine – staged its annual parody of a traditional Christmas carol service in the church on Tuesday night.

They sang carols with names such as “Away and in Danger” and the “Olive and the Army” reworded with provocative lines drawing attention to the conflict in Gaza.

More than 200 people – including Cherie Booth’s sister, journalist Lauren, political activist Bruce Kent, writer Ghada Karmi and Baroness Jenny Tonge – had entered the church to a hail of abuse and chanting from members of the Zionist Federation and Council for Christians and Jews.
Ok, let's give the last word to the Council of Christians and Jews. This is from the CCJ website:
CCJ is the UK's oldest national inter faith organisation. Our primary focus is Christian Jewish relations, but we seek to relate positively to all of Britain's faith communities.


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