December 16, 2009

When is a war crime not a war crime?

When the war criminal is Israeli of course. At least that seems to be the position here in the UK. Here's Scottish Palestine Solidarity on the case:
Miliband moves to protect Israeli politicians from UK laws

Israel demands changes in UK law to protect war criminals
Miliband yet again promises action to remove universal jurisdiction

Israeli ex-Minister Livni called off her planned visit to London after a Westminster magistrate issued an warrant for her arrest for her involvement in the planning of war crimes in Gaza. Like the verdicts of British juries that the Israeli Army murdered Tom Hurndall and journalist James Miller, previous arrest warrants for war crimes against Doron Almog, and the hurried exit of other Israeli generals, the latest UK magistrate's decision to issue an arrest warrant for an Israeli Government official on war crimes charges adds to the long-term build up of pressure for the British Government to break with its support for Israel.

For the moment, however, UK Foreign Minister David Miliband chose to "act with expediency to change the insufferable situation" where war criminals can be charged with war crimes. Livni had been due to address a London conference of the racist Jewish National Fund, whose sponsors include Gordon Brown and David Cameron, and Lib Dem Leader Nic Clegg.

Now there's a thing I didn't know. I knew that Brown and Cameron were corrupt enough to be patrons of the racist Jewish National Fund but I didn't know that Nic Clegg was. So now the PM and two wannabe PMs are all patrons (or "sponsors" as SPSC says) of an organisation largely responsible for the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. And these are the people who will decide whether or not the UK should pursue war criminals.


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