January 02, 2010

Atzmon is claiming to be Saladin now

Gaza is the priority for anti-zionists right now but, mindful of this, there are many racist freeloaders who want to gate crash the cause to hitch their own obsessions on to it.

I'm not changing the subject when I say that I gather Atzmon is upset at the exposé of his ludicrous hoax about whistle blowers in the UK's Jewish establishment. While Gaza is starving Atzmon knows what is best for the Palestinian cause: make up another id, write another ludicrous article in the name of that id and get it distributed to as many anonymously produced conspiracy sites as he can.

Atzmon relies heavily on people not checking what he is writing so please do check the assertions made in his latest offering using the name, Salaheddin Ahmad by reading my post (linked above) and Tony Greenstein's and seeing if anything he accuses us both of in that article alone is true. Google the name he has invented as it appears with the Redress article and see if this latter day Saladin has had anything else published on the web or indeed anywhere. Or google the name on its own, scroll down and consider, could it really be the US attorney or the only Salaheddin Ahmad to appear in the US telephone directory? Of course it couldn't. It's Atzmon...again and not because of the impeccable English (which neither Tony nor I could be the judges of) but because of the sheer dishonesty, the racism and the buffoonery.

The UK's Socialist Workers Party has quietly dropped Atzmon as was predicted, there are many Palestinian groups and individuals in the UK that won't touch Atzmon with a barge pole and even Mary Rizzo had to ditch him and the last post he made to the Palestine Think Tank when his racism and his dishonesty had complaints against him outnumbering the trolls she used to rely on to defend him. So there he is, painted into a corner and all he can do now is make up more names, write more silly articles for Redress and other silly and/or nasty conspiracy sites and hope that the Community Security Trust and the Jewish Chronicle are desperate enough to pretend to take Redress seriously or stupid enough to really take it seriously.


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