February 04, 2010

Britain: magnet for war criminals

As the latest Iraq inquiry appears to be whitewashing the war crimes of the UK's main political leaders so a foreign war criminal is hoping for the same kind of lackadaisical treatment if she comes to the UK. Here's the Jewish Chronicle on Tzipi Livni's proposed visit to the UK:
Israeli opposition leader Tzipi Livni is planning to come to London to test the process for the issuing of arrest warrants for alleged war crimes.

Speaking exclusively to the JC, Ms Livni said: “I will do this not for me, not for provocation, but for the right of every Israeli to travel freely. I am not going to be restricted by extremists because I fought terror.”

The British system was, she said, “being abused by extremists for political reasons. Belgium and Spain have changed their laws, and the British know that they have to do so”.

Breathtaking arrogance, I know, but how will this test the law if the people who petitioned for the arrest warrant last time she was going to come, decide not to proceed this time? The article was written by Stephen Pollard, a hardcore zionist. I wonder if he will get an arrest warrant issued to help his zionist comrade "test" British law as it relates to visiting war criminals.

Incidentally, last time she planned to come over, Tzipi Livni, the former Israeli foreign minister who is so offended by being branded a war criminal, was coming to visit the, ahem, charity, the Jewish National Fund. Say no more.


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