March 07, 2010

Vanessa Redgrave's oscar speech back in the day

The Oscars are on us and I've just been reading, in fact I'm still reading an article in today's Independent on Sunday titled Oscars Babylon: Tales from the Academy awards. In the article, Vanessa Redgrave's acceptance speech for her award for Julia is described as "embarrassing". Just in case you don't know, she was nominated for an academy award but because of her reputation for supporting the Palestinian struggle there were threats against the people running the awards and there was a noisy demonstration by the so-called Jewish Defence League outside the ceremony.

Now see this youtube clip:

Did you watch the whole thing? Ok, there were more zios in the Hollywood audience than Redgrave supporters but Redgrave's speech was a perfectly reasonable response to what had been taking place in the run-up to the awards and what was happening outside the hall. You might also like to consider the positive affect it had on one Arab-American family.

Why am I still amazed that even in the UK's most Israel-critical newspaper and even in an article about the stupid oscars, there is still space to be found for a swipe at an Israel critic?


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