June 13, 2010

Go 'way from my window....

Well well. I'd better point out that Bob Dylan, the man who gave us the song, Neighbourhood Bully, is not, as far as I know, boycotting Israel. But his unofficial fansite, Dylanchords is boycotting Israel. Here's a little slice of Ha'aretz:
One of the largest fan sites dedicated to Bob Dylan songs, dylanchords, has recently blocked Israeli IP users access over the Israel Defense Forces' raid on the Gaza –bound Freedom Flotilla two weeks ago.

Israelis who wish to learn how to strum the Dylan song "The times they are a' changing," will have to look elsewhere, as the webpage redirects Israeli web users to the webmaster's blog.
The Ha'aretz piece concludes with a little round up of recent cancellations in the wake of Israel's attack on the flotilla.
Last week, veteran American rock band Pixies canceled their upcoming concert in Israel, the organizers of a festival in which the band was to participate.

The announcement followed recent concert cancellations by the Klaxons and the Gorillaz Sound System in the wake of Israel's raid of the Gaza flotilla.
I wonder if the times are a'changing.


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