June 11, 2010

Jews against Jews for justice at sea

Here's today's front page story from the Jewish Chronicle:
Community representatives have reacted with outrage to the news that an all-Jewish flotilla of anti-Israel campaigners is planning to sail to Gaza next month, pledging to break the blockade.

The flotilla, to be captained by the British sailor, Glyn Secker of Jews for Justice for Palestinians, will sail under the auspices of European Jews for a Just Peace (EJJP), an umbrella organisation of groups from 10 countries,

Mr Secker said it would show that "not all Jews support Israel" and would "say emphatically: not in our name".

The JC clearly doesn't like the idea that Jews acting against Israel keeping the Palestinians "on a diet" are in any way representative of Jews in general, hence "community representatives have reacted with outrage to.....an all-Jewish flotilla of anti-Israel campaigners".


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