June 26, 2010

Johnny Don't B Rotten!

News just in of a facebook page about John Lydon scabbing on BDS. Apparently John Lydon, aka former Sex Pistol, Johnny Rotten, is taking the shekel and playing Tel Aviv at the end of August. The facebook page is headed:
Johnny Rotten you ain’t no human being if u play the Israeli fascist regime
And the text is:
Johnny Rotten, you ain’t no human being if u play the Israeli fascist regime. It will "make you a moron" and you will have "no future".
John Lydon, "Don’t be told about what you want" and "Don’t be told about what you need" by the Israeli regime.
You "wanna go to new belsen" – Gaza is only 30 miles from Tel Aviv.
You "wanna see some history" - search for the remains of the destroyed Palestinian villages hidden under new Israeli woods. Have you heard of the Nakba?
Do you now want a "holiday in the sun" and ignore the flotilla massacre?
The new "berlin wall" is too high for "looking over the wall" and it is hundreds of miles longer.
Are you "gonna go over the berlin wall" in the West Bank?
Do you "understand this thing they do"?
The Israeli checkpoints might let you "go over and over the berlin wall", but they won’t let Palestinians.
You might "ask for sunshine", but if Israel is not stopped it would give us "world war iii".
It is not just about playing to your fans:
The Israeli state will see you playing as support for the Israeli regime.
Even those Israelis who are not your fans will celebrate your endorsement of their regime.
Cancel your Israeli gig and heed the Palestinian call for boycott.
The Israeli media is pleased with the Lydon visit:
Not all rock artists have proven susceptible to the boycott pressure. Public Image Limited singer John Lydon refused to cancel his July gig in Israel. Israeli newspapers reported that the former Johnny Rotten had confirmed he’d play in Tel Aviv and that he castigated those bands that canceled for making enemies out of their fans.
As it happens, it might be the current rotten Johnny that has made enemies of his former fans.


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