June 01, 2010

Sweden wants UEFA to pull youth squad out of soccer match against Israel

And it's all because of the slaughter on the high seas. Here's Ha'aretz:
The Swedish Soccer Association has asked UEFA that its national youth soccer team not be sent to Israel for an official match scheduled for Friday against Israel in the preliminaries of the European championship.

The request comes in the wake of the Israeli Navy's interception of a Gaza-bound aid flotilla that turned deadly.

"As humans, we are revolted by violence and shocked by what we saw," said Lars-Ake Lagrell, the head of the Swedish Soccer Association.

The Swedish Soccer Association said it would accept whatever decision made by UEFA on the request, even if it meant sending the team to Israel to play the match as scheduled.

It'll be interesting to see what UEFA decides. I'm guessing that like the EU, it will rule in favour of the racist war criminals of the State of Israel but let's just see.


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