September 08, 2010

Bibi will dare but not Blair

Ha! No sooner do we get the news that Blair won't dare face his UK critics than news comes in that Netanyahu is to pop over here to give a keynote speech for the UK's main hasbara outfit, BICOM - The Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre.

Here's the Jewish Chronicle:
The JC has learned that Benjamin Netanyahu is to visit Britain in early November. The Israeli Prime Minister will meet the Prime Minister, David Cameron, and will be the keynote speaker at the annual dinner of BICOM, the Israel lobbying organisation, on 1st November.At this stage his full schedule has yet to be agreed but there are no plans yet for other communal meetings, although this may change.
I misread the piece at first and thought that Cameron was going to give the keynote speech to BICOM but that would have been too much of a give-away. As it happens, the JC reported some time after Cameron's "Gaza as prison camp" speech, that they thought he was just playing games and that Obama had put him up to it to pressure Israel - some pressure! I'm sure this meeting with between Bibi and Cameron will be all smiles and business as usual.


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