October 19, 2010

Elf wrong again again....

I got at least one thing wrong in my last post about Mike Leigh and the boycott. Here's a letter from him to the chap he had to blow out by not going to occupied Palestine.

Here's me:
I'm not sure how he could rationalise that the Israel that carried out the flotilla murders was somehow an improvement on the Israel that carried out Cast Lead a couple of Chanukahs ago but he managed to and was occupied Palestine bound right up until he heard about Israel's most openly racist gambit yet, the oath of loyalty to that oxymoron a Jewish and democratic state.
Here's him:
On 31st May, 8 weeks after our lunch, the Israeli attack on the flotilla took place. As I watched the world very properly condemn this atrocity, I almost cancelled. I now wish I had and blame my cowardice for not having done so.
The rest of the letter looks like his would be host talked him into what could have been passed off as a meaningful or maybe innocent personal appearance but I fear that Mike Leigh did make an enormous mistake, in his own words, "stupidly and naively", in agreeing to go into the belly of the beast in the first place.


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