October 02, 2010

Irish Cultural boycott campaign goes to the theatre

Short happy update on the ongoing cultural boycott campaign in Ireland. In August this year, 140 artists signed the pledge to boycott Israel, included many of the major figures in the traditional music scene – Christy Moore, Donal Lunny etc. Since then they’ve been joined by 40 more artists and the campaign has extended further into the theatre world. New signatories include actors Stephen Rea, Conor Grimes and Barry McGovern.

Myself, I could watch Stephen Rea reciting the telephone directory, he’d make it sound like a Beckettian monologue. It’s a wonderful feeling when artists you admire sign onto the boycott campaign.

The campaign is also linked to the forthcoming flotilla to Gaza. People are busy fundraising up and down the country for an Irish boat to be part of the flotilla. One of the recent fundraisers in Galway was headlined by trad musician and all-round legend, Sharon Shannon. Signatory no 180 of the boycott pledge.


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