October 05, 2010

Israeli feminism and liberalism

I wouldn't have thought this video of international importance if it were not to the relentless hasbara effort to portray Israel as a feminist oasis in the patriarchal Middle East. It is in Hebrew, without subtitles (if anybody wants to transcribe, I could post a copy with English subtitles). So it is a special treat for the Hebrew reading/speaking visitors. But below is a summary for the rest. Watch and choke!

So, the story: in 2006, a ring of rapists was busted on an air force military base. For a year, they kept a 13 year old girl on the premises as a communal sex slave. Surely, that can happen anywhere, right? The two videasts impersonate two officers from the base, and take to the streets of Tel Aviv to ask for sympathy for the rapists. They ask people whether they would give them a certificate of honesty (a police document required by some job applications) or a jail sentence, symbolized by handcuffs. The poll is on the beach of Tel Aviv, allegedly the most progressive part of Israel society.

Watch what happens!

Eat your hat Max Blumenthal

And, for something completely different, below you can see the two jokers repeating millgram's experiment with an Israeli twist, asking beach-goers to play a game of border police and illegal immigrants, this time, with English subtitles:


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