November 22, 2010

Back door re-entry for Oona King

It's a bit parochial this but I just saw a letter in The Independent bemoaning the fact that having been rejected by voters in Bethnal Green and Bow for supporting the war on Iraq and having been defeated by Ken Livingstone for Labour's London mayoral candidate, Oona King is being "ennobled".  That is, she is being given a seat in the UK's House of Lords.

Here's the letter:
Is there no way to be rid of Oona King?
The Lords’ honours list comes out – and democracy takes another beating. There are now many us – particularly those of us from black British diasporas – who are wondering what it takes for us to see the back of Oona King. As an MP she ruthlessly carried out the leadership’s will, enforcing policies that harmed the life chances of working-class and minority members at home, and recreated the horror of western imperialism abroad.
The first time she was faced with on old Labour challenger the electorate gratefully dumped her.She then lost again when challenging Ken Livingstone.
But no matter what Labour supporters and voters want, it seems she is going to be foisted on us. And Ed Miliband tries to tell us that New Labour is dead.
Gavin Lewis
Ed Miliband was elected Labour leader after criticising the war on Iraq. Since becoming leader he has been called upon to not patronise the ethnic cleansers of the Jewish National Fund. What kind of signal is this ennobling of Oona King sending to friends of the entity?  I don't like it at all.


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